Lush Lava
According to Shutterstock, Lush Lava is a radiant blend of blazing orange and rich red, two hues that are eye-catching in their own right. Imagine the glow of a stunning sunset or the burning embers of a roaring fireplace and you will be able to picture the exact colour palette that stands out from the crowd.
In practical use, Shutterstock said the colour is eye catching and a perfect tool for companies looking to immediately draw attention to their branding. Culturally, this shade represents happiness, love, and good health in Asian countries, something to keep in mind when communicating with that audience.

Aqua Menthe
This bright hue is reminiscent of luxurious, ocean-front shorelines and evokes a “look at me now” in a calm manner, Shutterstock said. Aqua Menthe is a mix of cyan and mint – two colors that are individually pleasing to the eye but together become an even more stunning shade. It fondly brings to mind summer vacations and the crystal-clear waters of Bora Bora.
The bright, yet serene tone is perfect for conveying a playful, modern, and outgoing personality. Whether used as an accent or as a main color, it’s an excellent choice for fun and contemporary brands.

Phantom Blue
Famously used in van Gogh’s Starry Night, Phantom Blue was used to illustrate the skies around the glowing moon. Whether in the exaggerated shadows of a popular nightclub or a new pair of dark denim jeans, this shade mesmerises the eye with its rich depth, Shutterstock explained.

Darker tones communicate stability, trustworthiness, and sophistication, and Phantom Blue is no exception. While it’s striking on its own, it’s also the perfect companion for pops of bright, contrasting colors such as the aforementioned Lush Lava and Aqua Menthe.

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